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Sporty Deck

Brand Identity and Card Design

Sporty Deck a sports training company that trains kids through a deck of crads! Yes, you heard that right. I was connected with the founders of Sporty Deck through a college friend. Sporty deck is founded by a few sports enthusiasts who have been coaching kids for a few years now, one of those sports include Football, which is their fist roll out deck. However, during the pandemic it became really difficult for them to meet these kids and coach them in person, so they thought about rolling out a deck of cards that help kids to keeping their training going. They also realized that not every kid can afford a personal trainer and so they wanted to connect with them as well. Hence this self help training deck was created to make training available to kids for a more afordable price.

I had so much fun working on a kid-approved visual identity, printed deck of cards, pins and more. Creating a positive learning experience for kids is so fulfilling.


Logo System, Typography, Color, Card Illustration and Design, Packaging

Logo Design

Goal of the Identity:

1. Captures the spirit of sport, fun and joy, teamwork and dedication.
2. Stray away from the dated emblem representation of sports identity.
3. Appeal to kids as well as parents, because hey! the parent would want their kids to have the best training there is, right?

Logo Concept:

With the logo, we wanted to go with a holistic approach of representing all sports in general and not just focus on any one sport in particular, because the team wishes to expand in the future. So I decided to combine the Olympic touch with a bunch of cards to represent the company.

Logo on card mockup

Type and Color:

The Primary colors for Sporty deck are Haiti (dark blue, kind off?) and Bright Orange. But I also put out an extended color pallet for the card illustration which was inspired by the colors of the Olympic rings.

The typeface used for the logo is Astro Space. For the card the title is in Axis Bold and the instructions in Calibri.

Color pallet

Card Illustration and Design:

Once the identity was complete I started working on the deck. The deck consists of 26 exercises on 26 cards arranged alphabetically with extra instructional cards on how to follow the exercises and play it in the form of a game. The illustrations are neatly arranged with numbers to follow in the correct order, with the instructions in text given bellow. The cards also consist of coach commands placed around the characters for a motivational boost. At the bottom of the card we placed an emoji based on the number of reps the kids complete.

We also wanted to keep the cards inclusive and represent both sexes : Boys and Girls also represent various skin tones.

Card illustration mock up
A few cards displayed

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