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Rev Growth 360


Rev Growth 360 is a startup that provide digital services. They help companies grow, build their sales pipeline and increase brand awareness by providing 360 services including lead generation, demand generation, Database Services, Digital marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development etc. I was taken on board to create a brand identity.


Logo System, Typography, Color.

Logo Design

Goal of the Identity:

The goal of this design was to position their brand to match their target audience (i.e. all B2B businesses mainly SaaS & Technology companies) to build a trust factor attached to their brand that resonates with their primary target audience with an aim to convert them into clients.

Their Main target are all Saas & Technology companies and all B2B companies.

Logo Concept:

The logo concept was to visually represent the aspect of growth and development in business depicted as an upward arrow and to show connection which is depicted by the connecting dots, because businesses grow by making a connection.

Logo on card mockup

Type and Color:

Deep blue shades are serious, professional and also represent trust and stability.

However in order to not blend in with all other companies already established in this industry the shades of blue are used as a gradient which makes it vibrant, eye catchy and stand out from the others.

The font used in the logo is Chillax from fontshare.

Color pallet

Logo Application:

Here are few examples of how this logo would look and perform seamlessly on print and digital media.

Card illustration mock up
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