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Breaking Down Science: How Navipoint Health's Website Redesign Made Complex Concepts Approachable

Navipoint Health is a wellness company that utilizes precision nutrition to provide personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations to its clients. Despite its team's decade of experience, the company's website failed to convey the seriousness and professionalism that the company embodies. As a result, the redesign of the Navipoint Health website was tasked to our team.

Our team faced the challenge of presenting complex scientific information in a way that was approachable and easy to understand. The redesign needed to convey the seriousness and professionalism of the company while making the content accessible to a wide range of people. We also needed to instill trust and credibility in the clients, as Navipoint Health aims to foster a collaborative relationship between their team of experts and their clients.
To ensure the content was easy to understand, we used infographics, icons, and simplified language to present complex scientific concepts. By breaking down the information into easy-to-digest visual elements, we made the content more approachable and engaging. We focused on creating a design system that was clean, informative, and visually appealing. We chose the Circular Std typeface as the hero of the language, using it throughout the website to create consistency and a sense of coherence. We paired the typeface with graphic elements and photos to create a visually interesting layout that would keep users engaged.
Dashboard Design
As part of our redesign for Navipoint Health's website, we created a personalized dashboard for users that provides an enhanced experience. The dashboard serves as a dedicated space where users can access all their reports and track their progress. After purchasing a program, users are given access to their journey on the dashboard where they can view updates on their progress. The users also have to fill a survey that helps to provide Navipoint's team of experts with a more comprehensive understanding of their clients' needs and goals. This helps to foster a collaborative relationship between Navipoint's team of experts and their clients, instilling trust and credibility in the company.