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Transparency and Layers: Linkage Tech's Journey to a Brand Identity that Reflects Their Values

Linkage Technologies is a company that specializes in high-mix printed circuit board (PCB) programs for customers who lack robust PCB sourcing teams. With over 25 years of experience, the company has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry, providing customers with the most compelling sourcing experience possible, built on the principles of integrity and transparency.

Despite their success, Linkage Technologies realized that their branding did not effectively communicate their values of transparency, their layered process, and experience to their customers. They reached out to us for help in making sure that the face of Linkage Tech would accurately reflect their commitment to these values.
Our objective was to create a brand identity that effectively communicated Linkage Tech's layered process and the importance of transparency at every step. We developed the idea of the layered process, which came from the understanding that there are multiple forces at play behind the scenes that need to be taken into account to make anything work. Linkage Tech is committed to ensuring that their customers are never left guessing where they are in the process. By keeping the users updated at every step, Linkage Tech takes them through all the layers to merge into one whole experience. Although the customers only see the end result, the company's identity focuses on the layers that seamlessly form the end result.